Digital marketing makes use of various digital means such as search engine optimization, social media and so on, to spread the word about a brand and the products and services being offered. The power and reach of the internet, as well as its ability to be accessed with the use of various gadgets like smartphones and computers, is utilized wholly when engaging in digital marketing.

Marketing via the use of the various platforms available on the internet is integral to an effective digital marketing campaign. Other means which do not rely on the internet, such as SMS, MMS etc. are also important as well. Digital marketing identifies as BTL (Below-The-Line) Marketing as its target is a more streamlined group of individuals related the brand. Conversely, Social media marketing is merely a form of digital marketing and relies on the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote a brand. When it comes to marketing via social media, user interaction is paramount as well as the formation of a community of brand followers where information can be shared and feedback received.

Facebook for example, reportedly has over 1.71 billion active users every month, worldwide. One cannot simply ignore Facebook when implementing a digital marketing campaign. Other social media platforms have similarly huge following as well and are just as important when carrying out your marketing plans.

Another difference lies in the kind of external agency to employ. A digital marketing agency will help you create an effective digital marketing strategy. If you only want to grow your social media presence, however, a specialist agency is the way to go. For those interested, various courses on digital marketing are available online to give you necessary insight into the concept of digital marketing and assist you in your future pursuits on the subject.

The course will teach you fundamental concepts of advertising and marketing as well as the use of analytical tools and statistical tools in your campaign as well. Broad info on subjects such as Search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and the likes are also made available during the course.

For social media marketing, one needs to fully understand the workings of the various social media platforms. This includes their strengths and weaknesses as well as the latest trends on the various platforms. Social media marketing helps create an avenue for more a more personal interaction between the brand and its customers while digital marketing has to do with increasing awareness of the brand as well as managing the brand’s reputation.

The hasty growth of digital and social media marketing has basically rendered more traditional means of marketing, very near obsolete. Every business needs to invest in effective, quality digital marketing strategies.



Digital marketing utilizes the internet to promote a brand online. This is carried out in various ways including search engine optimization/SEO, email marketing, social media and so on. Do you know why google will deindex your website? To know this and more, visit

Basically, digital marketing is the term used, to sum up, all forms of marketing done online and via digital channels. As a good digital marketer, it is important to understand the various forms of marketing and knowing the best tactics and forms which can help boost your brand popularity overall.


As previously stated, it is merely the term used to summarize all forms of marketing done online and via digital channels.

Some assets and tactics involved in digital marketing are listed below:

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